• Our Research Fields

    Simulating Blood Flow Through Arteries; Stent design, optimisation and testing; Simulating Cartilage Mechanics; Simulating a Human Hand - System of Bones and Muscles; ARTreat: Patient-specific computational model of the cardiovascular system; Alveolated Flow Simulation; Thrombosis Modeling, Microvascular Blood Flow, Nanoparticles Delivery;
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  • Our Research Infrastructure

    We use state-of-the-art bioengineering lab equipment including: Dynatek Dalta SVP Stent tester, Bose/Electroforce/EnduraTec 9120-8 Intravascular Stent/Graft Testing System, Bose/Electroforce/EnduraTec 3200 Multiple Sample Fatigue System, Laser Fiber 30W...
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